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Standard HTML

  • HTML code cannot exceed 3k.
  • 2 images maximum, total file size of images cannot exceed 20k.
  • Client-side imagemaps are acceptable and must be provided by the client.
  • Forms tags in HTML code must use "get" in the method.
  • CGIs referenced in the HTML code must be active at the time of ad submission for validating/ testing the ad HTML code, and able to handle the traffic load. Ads with CGIs which are not active and/or cannot handle the projected traffic will not be accepted.


  • Looping/Flashing can continue upon load for a period of 15 seconds maximum; no looping limit within the 15secs

Expandable Banners

  • Examples: page peels, peel backs, push downs, sliding billboards, or any ad that overlays/ breaks the fixed placement boundary that require user action
  • Mouse Over / Mouse Off: When the user passes a mouse over the creative, the panel expands; the panel retracts when the mouse is removed.Click Open / Click Close: The creative can be set to expand with User Click; the panel retracts when the mouse is re oved or with a second User Click.
  • The creative should auto-detect which direction to expand per specifications (e.g. top vs. bottom or left vs. right).

Reverse Expandable Banners

  • The expandable portion of the panel will pre-expand for 3 second[s], and then automatically retract. No user initiation is required for expansion. The pre-expanding part of the panel is frequency capped to once per user per day. In subsequent views, the ad will function as a regular expandable banner.

Flash Guidelines

  • Trib Total Media & Yahoo! currently accepts up to Flash 9 but is backwards compatible to Flash 6.
  • All flash banners require a static.gif or .jpg alternate image which must meet creative specifications
  • 30KB download and up to 4 additional download streams upon user click are permitted. Each additional stream may not exceed 100KB.
  • Frame rate may not exceed 24 frames per second. Banners that exceed 24 frames per second will not be accepted. 12 frames per second is recommended.
  • Both flash 5-6 swf files will be displayed for Flash 6.0 to plug in browsers only. If the browser does not support Flash 6.0 and above, the alternate image will be served.
  • Loading files from an external domain is not permitted for security reasons.
  • The Flash 6 swf file can be published as compressed.
  • Loading jpgs, wavs and mp3s are allowed and must follow the same rule as additional swf files of no more than 4 at 100KB each.
  • The use of Shared Objects is not permitted.
  • Accessing the user’s microphone or WebCam is not permitted.
  • Flash 7: Streaming video is allowed when using FLV streaming format. FLV files are treated the same as additional swf files of no more than 4 at 100k each. If larger files are required, you can serve the ad with one of our Rich Media Technology Vendors.
  • Flash 7: The use of Clip board is not permitted.

Floating Banners

  • The floating element must Be linked to an in-page banner; it must fly out of or into the banner.
  • “Fly” across the page, pausing for no more than one second over any given piece of content. (For example, if the word “hello” appears on the page, the floating element can only cover that word for one second.).
  • Take shape of the object; not an exact rectangle.
  • Floating ads may be viewable by only certain browsers and operating systems. TTM/Yahoo! will test all technologies for floating ads in our lab. We will not show the ad for any browsers or operating systems when the technology could cause system instability or crashes.
  • The floating element cannot cover any logos at any time including Yahoo!, Trib Total Media, Tribune-Review and any TTM product logos.
  • The floating element can fly over, but cannot pause over, another ad, co-brand logo, or primary interaction elements as specified by the site (for example search boxes and primary navigation bars).
  • There is an eight second maximum play time for the floating element.
  • There is a one second maximum pause time over any given content.


  • Audio must be initiated by User Click.
  • Audio must end either simultaneously or before the ad finishes playing.
  • Audio must be encoded at a maximum volume of -12 db.

In Banner Streaming

  • There are no frequency caps on the video portion of banners containing streaming video; the video can play every time the user sees the banner.
  • Muted video can start without user action.
  • Progressive Downloads are acceptable.
  • A video can stream for a 30 second maximum.
  • The User Click or Mouse-Over must activate audio. If on mouse-over, there MUST be a 1 second delay. The audio MUST stop when the ad is moused-off.
  • There is a 30 second maximum on audio served in conjunction with a video stream.
  • Audio served independent of a video stream may be up to 30 seconds.
  • There is a 30 second maximum on audio that is served in conjunction with a video stream.
  • Stop/Mute and Start buttons are required. Play, Stop/Pause, and Mute buttons are preferred.

Cookie Setting

  • Only approved vendors can set cookies.
  • Fourth party cookie setting is only permitted by TTM/Yahoo!-approved third-party servers. For a list of approved vendors, click here.

Polite Download

  • Polite ads must be broken down into three files:
    • The alternative image (either GIF or JPG), with a 20k maximum.
    • An initial Flash file, with a 40k maximum.
    • The final Flash portion, with a 100k maximum (for the entire ad).