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All creative running on the Trib Total Media interactive network or on Yahoo! must meet the following size specifications. Any creative that does not comply with these guidelines will be returned to the advertiser for adjustments. Please note that some specifications differ for ads that run on the TTM network and Yahoo!

Please refer to the submission guidelines and further creative guidelines here. Please note, ad size availability varies from site to site.

Ad Sizes

Not all of our ad sizes are available on all of our web sites. If you are planning an ad buy for specific site, please consult your sales rep regarding which ad sizes are included in your ad buy or click here to contact ad services.

Leaderboard (North)728 x 90<25KNo15 second limitmore details
Large Rectangle (LREC, Big Box)300 x 250<20K Standard
<30K Flash
No15 second limitmore details
Skyscraper160 x 600(TTM)
120 x 600(Y!)
<20K Standard
<30K Flash
No15 second limitmore details
Small Rectangle180 x 150
(Not available on Y!)
<20K Standard
<30K Flash
No15 second limit
Monster (Half-page Ad)300 x 600<30K Standard
<40K Flash
Yes-User Initiated15 second limitmore details
Weather Sponsorship120 x 21<10KNoStatic graphics only
Markets Sponsorship184 x 16<10KNoStatic graphics only
Expanding Billboard (Pencil Leave-Behind)976 x 30(leave-behind)
976 x 300(expanded)
<40K (Initial)
<80K (Polite load)
Yes-User Initiated15 second limit
18 frames per second(flash)
more details
Page Peel75 x 75(before peel)
500 x 500(after peel)
<40KNoNomore details