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Submission Specifications

  • Ads must have a distinct border to clearly identify where the page ends, and advertisement begins.
  • Animation cannot exceed 15 seconds. Animation can begin again on mouse over, but must stop immediately on mouse off.
  • All advertisements will be reviewed by Trib Total Media and/or Yahoo! and are subject to approval by TTM and/orYahoo! before placement on the site.
  • Cookies may not be set on the TTM or Yahoo! networks except by parties with a third-party ad serving agreement.
  • Trib Total Media & Yahoo! reserves the right to preserve the user experience of its sites, and reserves the right to remove any advertisement which is deemed annoying and/or harmful to our users at any time.
  • The sponsor of any advertising message appearing on the U.S. Properties is clearly identified either on the ad itself or, if the ad is smaller than an 88x31 button, on the resulting first level jump page.
  • For Flash ads, set the getURL action to (clickTAG)
  • The advertiser's landing page must match the offer being made in the advertisement. The ad unit and landing page must have detailed disclosures as appropriate; in particular, full terms and conditions of the offer must be easily accessible on landing page.
  • An ordinary person must be able to make an informed decision about an offer from the information provided in the ad unit.
  • It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that all product claims, warranties, guarantees or other assurances comply with applicable laws & regulations.
  • Trib Total Media and Yahoo! reserves the right to reject any ad on behalf of, or which promotes Trib Total Media or Yahoo! competitors or products, services or activities contrary to Yahoo!'s competitive position or interests (e.g. ads which disparage the Internet as a medium).
  • Trib Total Media and Yahoo! reserves the right to request additional changes to submitted ads, or to reject any ad unit in its sole discretion.
  • Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e., http:// 207.123.456.78 )

Creative CANNOT

  • Mislead the user. For example, they may not mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages, or the like.
  • Use "bait and switch" tactics, i.e. advertising that promotes an unavailable product or price as a means of luring the user into purchasing a different product.
  • Display false functionality, i.e. contain graphics that simulate interactivity where no such interactivity exists.
  • Resemble Yahoo! or Trib Total Media content, or use the Yahoo! or Trib Total Media brand names or logos without prior approval.
  • Mimic news headlines in design, tone, third person sentence structure, or topic.
  • Αdvertisements cannot contain graphics that simulate interactivity (i.e., drop down menus, search boxes, etc.) without that functionality actually existing. NO fake or simulated HTML interactivity.