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We would prefer files to be in PDF format using Acrobat Distiller, which will embed all graphics and fonts into documents. (No Changes - can be made to these files in this format and it guarantee all elements of the ad are included so ad will print out correctly) Any questions, please contact Mark Tritt at (724) 779-7183 or email

All ads should be 100% complete, a completed copy of the ad should be supplied with the Ad file. If you are e-mailing an ad please check your PDF file prior to submitting to ensure that all elements are visible on PDF file. Fax Copies of ads can be sent to Ad Services at 724-779-7174 or 724-779-6911.

By using Ad Desk you will include: Run Date; Sales Rep Name; Account Name; Subject of Ad; Your Name; Your Phone; Ad Size and Insertion order number. These items help us expedite your ad and give it the proper priority. Omission of these elements will delay ad processing time.


  • All Fonts Must be embedded (Note: True Type Fonts [PC font] do not always embed -If you are using True Type Fonts they must be converted to curves - so they will print correctly)
  • All Graphics MUST be EPS format
  • All Colored Graphics must be CMYK Processed (The use of RGB or Pantone Colors will cause element to print Black & White)
  • Avoid enlarging or reducing art more than 20% from original size
  • All Graphics should be scanned as EPS file formats 100% of desired size for ad.
  • Line art should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Color or B/W half-tone (grayscale) scanned art at a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Line Screen is 85 lines - Hi-light area is 1%, and - shadows area at 85%
  • Dot Gain is 33% for Newsprint
  • CD/Disks - must include: All Fonts, All Graphics, and Original Document. Contact Person name and phone number. Sales Rep name, publication date and Ad size. 9-28-03 Electronic Spec P1

The Tribune-Review is currently accepting ads on the following storage media:

  • FTP Sites
  • CD-ROMs

Ads can be accepted from agencies and individuals via:

  • AP AdSend
  • Fast Channel
  • Ad Direct

Current Acceptable Applications:

  • Multi-Ad Creator
  • Quark Xpress
  • Acrobat - PDF Files
  • PhotoShop
  • Illustrator
  • Microsoft Word - Text Files

NOT Acceptable Applications:

  • PageMaker
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Paint


  1. Colors CMYK Process
  2. Ad is prepared at actual Size
  3. All Graphics are EPS files
  4. All Fonts and Graphic embedded in PDF file or included on disk
  5. Line Art is Scanned at 800-1200 dpi or halftones at 170-200 dpi.
  6. B & W Screen tinted background are between 15-50%
  7. Type, positioned on 50-100% tinted background is White and not less than 12 point size.
  8. Type, positioned on 0-40% tinted background is Black
  9. Graphics are not rotated in Quark
  10. Proof is included with electronic copy.