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At this site, you may stop delivery of your newspaper while you are on vacation. To better serve our customers, please allow 2 business days to stop delivery of the newspaper.

Vacation Stop Request Form

* Indicates Required Field

  • Please select one of the following options (*See definitions at bottom of form)
    eTrib: Stop home delivery of the print edition but continue access to the electronic version of the paper.
    Vac Donation: Help our local schools by donating your newspapers to them while you are on vacation. What is Newspapers in Education?
    Vac Pac: Hold your newspapers and deliver them all to you upon your return home.
    Credit: We will credit your account.

TIP: You have to reselect an *Option and *Newspaper at the top of the form if your submitted Captcha Code™ fails.

If you are having trouble submitting your vacation stop, please call us at 1-800-909-8742.