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The Tribune-Review delivers international, national and regional news 7-days a week . It's published in three editions, Pittsburgh, Valley News Dispatch and Westmoreland.

The Tribune-Review Editorial Staff prides itself on award-winning investigative special reports, exceptional sports coverage and daily features that keep readers up-to-date on the latest fashion, food, travel and entertainment trends. Enjoy the following special daily features:

Monday -- Fanfare

Tuesday -- American Profile

Wednesday -- Food section, Relish Magazine (first Wednesday of every month)

Thursday -- Ticket Magazine, Neighborhoods, Spry (second Thursday of every month)

Friday -- Style section

Saturday -- Home and Garden section

Sunday -- USA Weekend, TV Magazine, Food & Travel



  • Gender
  • Women 18+60%
  • Gender
  • Men 18+40%

Tribune-Review (Greensburg)

  • Mean Age: 52 (Sunday)
  • Total Distribution: 92,894 (Sunday)
  • Total Distribution: 50,617 (Daily)
  • Total Readership: 135,177 (Sunday)
  • Total Readership: 97,352 (Daily)
  • Gender
  • Men 18+ 47%
  • Women 18+ 53%