Trib Total Media’s digital starter packages take the guess work out of digital marketing. We’ll help you reach your target audience efficiently and cost-effectively with targeted display advertising, email marketing, search engine advertising, social media advertising and native advertising.

These simple yet powerful packages are guaranteed to deliver results. Contact your Multimedia Advertising Consultant today or click here.

TribLIVE Prime Starter

Your digital ads will receive 50,000 impressions using our robust portfolio of digital marketing services including Site Retargeting, Search/Keyword Targeting, In-Market, Affinity Audience, Contextual Targeting and Geofencing. Tell us who you want to reach and we’ll help you reach them – wherever they are online.

Social Traffic Starter

Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults report they are Facebook users and three-fourths of those users report they use the site daily*. We can help you reach this audience and receive a minimum of 200 clicks – guaranteed.

*Source: Social Media Use 2018. Pew Research Center. March 1, 2018.

Search Engage Starter

Reach customers when they are searching for the products or services you offer through search engine advertising and receive 135 clicks to your website guaranteed. We will work with you to select keywords and your ads will return high in the relevant search results of your customers.


Email Engage Starter

Deliver your custom email directly to the inboxes of 24,000 potential customers. We will identify your prospective audience using up to 3 demographic and geographic filters.

Partner News Engaged

Deliver quality information to your audience in an engaging, shareable format with Partner News Engaged. This native advertising package includes a custom story written by a professional journalist and read by 1000 potential customers.

TribLIVE Audience Starter

Target your audience by zip code with the new TribLIVE Audience Starter digital advertising package. Receive 50,000 targeted digital ad impressions per month, reaching just your chosen business area on


TribLIVE High School Sports Network Video Package

Maximize your exposure by using print, digital and broadcast assets to reach your targeted audience. TribLIVE High School Sports Network produces over 2000 audio and video high school sports broadcasts each year and reaches over 717,000 users.