5 ways to help your business thrive in the digital world

Marketing used to be simple. You placed an ad in the newspaper or magazine, bought an ad on the radio, and maybe, when you made it big, you shot a spot for TV. Reaching customers was easy and as long as you had a halfway decent ad, you could sell your products or services.

You definitely know it’s not like that anymore.

The digital transformation is well underway, but what have you done to stay competitive? Like, really done? If you’re still looking at digital advertising as an expense instead of a crucial investment, you could be missing out on mega bucks. Slapping together a website and making an occasional update on your Facebook page won’t deliver the results you want.

“Today’s consumer is accustomed to doing a large amount of research before making a purchase,” said Tony DeStefano, Director of Business Development at 535media. “This offers business owners a unique opportunity to be in communication with their audience at every point that matters.”

If you don’t have an online presence that matches the searching habits of your customers, you’re practically giving their business away to more digital-savvy competitors.

But no need to stress!

You can begin building a better future for your company today. Start by identifying these five points:

  1. Know your digital goals.

There are 3 billion people connected to the internet right now. Some of them are chatting with friends, others are shopping, and some, like you, are reading newsletters and other information online. If you could have a say in what these people are doing (and you can), what is it that you would choose? Would they visit your website? Buy your product? Engage with your Facebook page? Know what you want from the online world and begin there.

“To effectively execute a targeted digital marketing campaign, it starts at the planning and research level,” said DeStefano. “At 535Media, we work with businesses to develop goals based on research, then translate those into brand awareness and lead generation with different highly effective strategies and tactical approaches.”

  1. Know who your customers are and how to engage with them. Then give them what they want.

Most small businesses don’t take the time to identify potential audiences. Even those who do might not take the time to keep those customers engaged. Study your customer and determine where they live, their interests, and what types of things they’re searching and reading on the internet. Customers want to be reached and engage with you where it feels most natural to them, not necessarily where you want to be. Because in the digital age, it’s all about the customer.

  1. Know what you don’t know…

You’re the absolute best at what you do. You’re an expert. You’re a star! But even the top plumber, real estate agent or doctor doesn’t know the nitty gritty of modern-day digital marketing.

“We now have different bidding strategies, targeting capabilities, search engine algorithms, and other data elements to make sense of the best course of action for our individual clients,” said DeStefano.

If you can’t get into the details of geo-fencing, SEO and SEM, OTT/CTV, or site retargeting, you’re probably not using all the tools available that can bring customers to your digital doorstep.

  1. … and when to ask for help.

If you usually tap the same resources and go to the same people, how can you expect different results? Try reaching across departments and gathering ideas from all corners of your company. Bring in outside agencies that specialize in your areas of weakness that can help develop ideas, execute difficult, but necessary, online marketing tools, and report success back to you.

  1. Know your competition and aim to win.

The old saying about keeping your enemies closer holds true in the digital age, as well. Study what your competitors are doing online to market themselves — their SEO keywords, social media platforms, content offerings — and do it better. If you’re just entering the digital world of marketing, you have some catching up to do, but it’s not impossible. Focus on finding big-win online opportunities, like featuring product videos on your website if your competition only offers a photo carousel.


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