535media: Case Study


Energy Company

A local utility company wanted to run a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign that informed individuals they were working in their neighborhood. The goal of this campaign was to get as many people as possible in these target areas to click on the utility company’s landing page to get more information.

535media used a keyword search retargeting tactic for the geo-target areas. When a user actively searched for the utility or construction within the geo-target areas, they would be retargeted with ads.

535media was able to boost their brand awareness throughout the 3 month campaign by delivering over 1,036,328 impressions with 2,620 clicks giving us an exceptional CTR of 0.25%.


Convention & Visitor Bureau

A local convention and visitors bureau was looking to increase awareness among their target audience of meeting and event planners. They enlisted the help of 535media to utilize new geo-fencing event targeting technology and other programmatic advertising tactics to precisely target their audience and drive up CTR.

The 535media team developed a comprehensive strategy of keyword search retargeting, keyword contextual retargeting, site retargeting and geo-fencing. With event targeting, we built geo-fences around specific date and time windows at conferences for meetings and events professionals to create an audience and retarget those users after the events. The 535media team carefully monitored the campaign and made regular optimizations to improve performance, including adding and removing keywords, blacklisting domains, adjusting frequency capping and implementing dayparting.  We delivered an exceptional CTR of 0.5% over 3 months.


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