Residents stay connected with weekly newspapers and community websites

When speaking to outsiders, many locals say “I’m from Pittsburgh” when they are really from Sewickley, Shaler, South Park or any one of the hundreds of unique neighborhoods, towns, boroughs and townships blanketing Southwestern Pennsylvania. Each of these communities has its own individual characteristics but together, they form Pittsburgh — a big city with a small-town feel.

Where we live determines where our children go to school, what sports teams we cheer for, where we shop, sometimes where we work and often where we play. So, it is important for residents to stay connected to their community through trusted, reliable sources. Fortunately, Trib Total Media is here to help.

Trib Total Media serves 14 local communities across 35 Southwestern Pennsylvania zip codes with a series of weekly community newspapers, formerly known as the Gateway Newspapers.

Since 2003, Trib Total Media has been publishing weekly community newspapers, and many of these titles were in print well before that time. Publishing every Thursday, these weekly newspapers provide a unique blend of hyper-local news and information that residents cannot find elsewhere.

Direct-mailed to every household within their specific zip codes, these publications are trusted sources of local news. They help bring communities closer together and keep residents informed.

“Our weekly publications are extremely popular with our readers,” said Trib Total Media Executive Editor Sue McFarland. “Residents are eager for news and information specific to their community, and we are able to deliver just that.”

In May 2018, Trib Total Media expanded upon the success of their weekly community newspaper portfolio and officially launched the Neighborhood News Network (NNN) with its inaugural site

“Through the Neighborhood News Network, we are delivering neighborhood news in a new and engaging way,” said Neighborhood News Network Editor Katie Green. “The sites provide us with the ability to publish even more of the great coverage our communities have come to expect from the print editions.”

Neighborhood News Network sites act as digital companions to Trib Total Media’s weekly community newspapers. Each site is updated daily with content for community members who want to stay connected to their neighborhood.

Trib Total Media also encourages individuals, businesses and community organizations to use these sites to post and share their own news, events and happenings. By becoming a Trusted or Community Contributor, residents, businesses and other organizations can post stories, photos and videos of special events, announcements, awards or other types of recognition.

“If it’s news to you, it matters to us, and we want to help you share it,” Green said. “There are so many important events out there; it is hard for us to be everywhere at once. So we are giving our readers a voice and a platform, inviting them to help contribute directly to the content on the site and share the news and information that is important to them.”

Over the past year and a half, the Neighborhood News Network has grown to a family of 5 websites including,,, and will be launching soon, and there are plans to add additional sites through the end of 2019 and into 2020.

Whether you are a lifelong resident, new to the area or have moved away, Trib Total Media’s Neighborhood News Network is the best new way to stay informed in your community.

Contact your Network Sales Executive today to find out more about how you can connect with residents in your community with Trib Total Media’s weekly community newspapers and websites or click here.