Why Target the News Media Audience?

In any era, the news is imperative to a well-functioning community. Especially in the digital age, reaching out to an audience that wants to stay informed is an important job. In turn, the audience that seeks out the news makes a terrific target for advertising, whether physical or digital.

The news audience is engaged, loyal and well-informed. This tends to be an audience that has the means to make smart consumer decisions and has enough buying power to follow through. The annual household income of an average news reader is more than $60,000. Advertising targeted to this savvy group is a high-reward option for many advertisers.

Local and regional news audiences also tend to be engaged in their communities and have invested long-term trust in their local reporters and news organizations. This lends an air of credibility to advertisers, especially ones located close to readers. News advertisers are also considered more credible for the content with which they choose to associate — serious, trusted reporting, as opposed to non-professional or inappropriate content in other publications or websites.

For optimum coverage, news-media advertisers have the option of selecting both digital and physical publications, reaching a diverse and wide audience. News outlets are familiar with the landscape of their readership and are more able to help advertisers customize their content for maximum effectiveness.

If advertisers desire local, engaged, affluent and trusting consumers and want the best and most innovative access to those consumers, the news media is the perfect source. No other advertising medium offers such a variety of opportunities for advertisers to target and reach the right customers to help grow their business.

Why news media advertising is unique

  1. Local news publishers are well-known and are the most trusted by consumers as news sources.
  2. Advertising in news media will not put your brand at risk of being associated with inappropriate content.
  3. The news media industry offers both print and digital solutions, targeted audiences, events and more.
  4. Local news media are experts on their audience and are ready to help you grow your business.
  5. News media offer the most trusted advertising channel for those making purchasing decisions.
  6. The median annual household income of the American news audience is more than $60k.
  7. Print and online news media reach 136 million U.S. adults every week.

Source: News Media Alliance. News Advertising Panorama 2018.